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Financial times

“Make me a molecular martini

Molecular mixology may be more prominent in mature cocktail markets such as London but there are temples to this mad science across the world.
MILAN-nottingham forest,viale piave 1 (www.nottingham-forest.com)
This tiny bar looks more like a grimy neightbourhood pub then a cutting-edge cocktail lounge,but don’t be fooled:it has one of the wackiest drinks lists in the world,with everything from Day-Glo cocktails served in dry-ice-topped test tubes to a tumbler that comes with an atomiser and instructions to spritz in the mouth before each sip”

Class magazine-london

“Dario Comini offers out 300 rums,270 whiskies,cocktails and home made glasses while low lighting and odds and ends from across the globehelp maintain an autentic and relaxed feel”

Food and wine-New York

“Top mixologists use perfect ice cubes and even dry ice,to make exceptional classic and creative cocktails
Nottingham forest milan – Molecular mixologist Dario Comini’s unconventional bar arsenal includes syringes and dry ice”

Beautybiz-fairchild publication-New York

“Anais on the rocks-the nottingham forest stuffed with paraphermalia from around the world ,the bar itself is considered one of Milan’s most intimate and kooky,and boasts more than 500 drink on its list.”